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Sisense Support Phone Number, Sisense is a business intelligence platform that lets you join, analyse, and picture out information they require to make better and more intelligent business decisions and craft out workable plans and strategies. Therefore, it is highly flexible for any business size, ranging from start-ups and developing enterprises to Fortune 500 giants including Sony, ESPN, Comcast, and NASA.

Hence, with Sisense, you can unify all your data into visually appealing dashboards via a drag and drop interface. Sisense basically allows you to turn data into highly valuable insights and then share them with colleagues, business partners, and clients via interactive dashboards.

Sisense Support Phone Number

Business analytics is easily accessible for each member of your organization as the software ensures easy discovery of business insights regardless of their experience in the field or the complexity of data. Therefore, Sisense enables you to clean and consolidate data so you can explore and visualize it in a way that brings you valuable insights into your business.

Advantages of Sisense

  • In addition, it is Powerful, Yet Easy to Use
  • It does Accurate Data Analysis in Real Time
  • The vendor provides excellent technical support and its agents offer effective insight. And feedback on how users can best leverage their data asset.
  • It connects smoothly to almost all data storage platforms. Therefore, This allows users to easily view their data asset in different systems.
  • Since, this software stands out for its ability to draw large amounts of data from multiple data sources at high speeds.
  • It quickly creates robust dashboards that are accessible on any device.
  • Finally, the system can be easily customized for multiple user levels.

Features of Sisense includes:

  • Eye-grabbing visualization
  • Exports data to PDF, Excel, Images, CSV and other formats
  • Enables to deliver interactive terabyte-scale analytics
  • Embed entire dashboards or individual widgets
  • Intuitive ‘script-less’ user interface
  • Drag-and-drop user interface
  • Data unification
  • Data mash-ups

Common Issues :

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  • How Do I Change The Package Owner For My License?
  • My Dashboards Are Not Loading. As a result, widgets Spin Indefinitely Or Connection To The ElastiCube Cannot Be Found.
  • How Do I Change The Sys. Admin User For My License?
  • How Do I Import Data From A File Using A Network Path Or A Mapped Drive?
  • What Are The Sisense Services And What Do They Do?
  • Having Issues With Emails, Reports, Or Dashboard Exports
Sisense Support Phone Number

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