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Quicken is a personal finance management tool developed by Quicken Inc. (formerly part of Intuit, Inc.). On March 3, 2016, Intuit announced plans to sell Quicken to H.I.G. Capital. If you need help to call to our Quicken Technical Support Number.

Different (and incompatible) versions of Quicken run on Windows and Macintosh systems. Previous versions ran on DOS and the Apple II. There are several versions of Quicken for Windows, including Quicken Starter, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Rental Property Manager, Quicken Premier, and Quicken Home & Business, as well as Quicken for Mac. Since 2008, each version has tended to have the release year in the product name (e.g., Quicken Basic 2008); before then, versions were numbered (e.g., Quicken 8 for DOS).

Quicken is used to track finances. It can record and categorize spending, create detailed budgets, and provide information about bank and credit card balances. It can send reminders when bills are due, either by SMS or e-mail or through its mobile app.

Benefits of Quicken

Quicken World Mastercard Designed especially for Quicken members

Get real-time notifications in your Quicken mobile app* when you use your card, including pending transactions, so your spending, budgets and custom alerts are always up to date.

Capital One Savings Account

  • Grow your savings
  • Earn one of the nation’s best savings rates
  • Get an exclusive bonus up to $600 based on the amount of your deposit
  • FDIC-insured up to the allowable limits with no fees
  • Download balances and transactions to Quicken

Quicken Bill Pay

  • Pay all your bills in one place
  • Make payments from up to 10 accounts
  • Pay anyone in the US from most banks, now including small, regional banks with Quicken Bill Pay*
  • Transfer funds between financial institutions (Quicken Bill Pay website only)

Errors of Quicken

In order to make transaction download into Quicken possible, financial institutions create specifically-formatted Quicken files. Sometimes, these files are changed in a way that prevents them from downloading into Quicken. You may be able to successfully sign in to your bank’s website, but still receive the error in Quicken, due to the issue with the file the bank is sending.

Here, some Error codes for Quicken:

  • Error OL-220
  • Error OL-224
  • Quicken error CC-501
  • Error code CC-898
  • Error 101
  • Quicken Error 103
  • Error OL-393-A

Quicken customer support number

Technical Support Number for Quicken USA-CANADA

We are a self-determining third-party tech support service provider, having many years of troubleshooting experience of fixing different types of technical issues related to Quicken. Therefore, our Quicken experts are available at Quicken support phone number to provide unlimited technical support for any kind of technical glitches.

Phone number for Quicken tech support UK/AUSTRALIA

The Quicken chat team member is always active to know what is going in different feature and function of this. Here, you can get a high probability to sort out the problem with an immediate response.

Phone number for Quicken support NEW ZEALAND/EUROPE

If you assume that interruption in Quicken cannot halt your progress path, then you do not over think on this matter that you need to dial Quicken phone support number. No matter how much time has been spent on purchasing this product. It is the basic incidence that one should have to get the best care of their product with the help of the customer support number team.

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