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Posteo Mail Support Number is an email service provider based in Berlin, Germany, offering paid email accounts for individuals and businesses. Therefore, the service gained prominence during the aftermath of the post-2013 global surveillance disclosures, especially for its high standard security features and relative anonymity as it does not require any private information in the registration process.

Posteo offers support for DNSSEC/DANE and PGP (through Mailvelope in the web interface, which is running Roundcube). Additionally, they offer two-factor-authentication via TOTP and use Extended Validation certificates and HPKP for the HTTPS connection.

Features of Posteo Mail

  • Free, personal support

    Our team answers your questions by email and supports you with problems.

  • 100% open source

    Our product offering exclusively uses open source software and free protocols, for security reasons. We only use Javascript which has the open source code.

  • 2 GB storage (can be increased)

    Your email account comes with 2 GB storage. This can be increased up to a maximum of 20 GB. Each additional gigabyte costs 0.25 EUR/month. You can have an unlimited number of subfolders.

  • Email on all devices (IMAP/POP3)

    Firstly, with Posteo, you can use email synchronized with all smartphones, tablets, and PCs (using IMAP). Many programs can determine the required settings automatically (e.g. iOs, Thunderbird, Outlook).

  • Unlimited filter addresses

    Use as many filter addresses as desired for your Posteo addresses (e.g. example+amazon@posteo.net, example+twitter@posteo.net) to sort emails and keep your inbox tidy.

  • Migration

    Hence, with the Posteo migration service, you can securely bring up to three external email accounts including their folder structures across to Posteo. You can decide whether you would like to copy the entire content of your previous email account or just selected folders.

  • Change of address order

    Because, our email collector brings newly-arriving emails across from your previous account every 10 minutes.

  • Country codes

    Your main email address ends in “posteo.net”. Many other country codes are available for use as aliases, and hence, including posteo.org, .de, .co.uk and many more.

Major Posteo Mail Issues Fixed By Our Experts

We provide online Posteo Mail customer care support service for the following Issues:-

  • Support for Posteo mail account setup and configuration
  • Posteo mail account login in & log out issues
  • Support for clear the junk
  • Posteo mail account password recovery and reset issues
  • Sending & receiving the mail issues
  • Support for IMAP and POP account setting issues
  • Help on restoring deleted contacts
  • The configuration of an Posteo mail email account to the other email platform
  • Change password of Posteo mail account
  • And many other Posteo mail account issues or errors
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PASTEO EMAIL Support Number

Posteo Email customer support number USA-CANADA

We’re happy to help if you have any questions or problems. Our support team is available via email on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (GMT). As a result, we strive to answer all incoming questions within one working day.

P0steo Email tech support phone number UK

Our customers utilize a variety of programs, operating systems and browsers in their local environments to use Posteo. The support team can help solve problems associated with most email clients and apps. Our experienced team can also help identify the cause of problems in a local environment.

Support Number for Posteo Email AUSTRALIA

Hence, our support works without a ticket system. We do not track your inquiries and do not create customer profiles about you. Once a case is closed, all correspondence is deleted without a trace after two weeks.

Posteo Email technical support number NEW ZEALAND

The editorial team of our help section is also a part of the support team. Because of this, the articles found in our help section offer solutions to everyday questions and problems that may arise. Therefore, these articles are updated on a regular basis.

A phone number for Posteo Email support EUROPE

At Posteo, people respond to your inquiries. We do not use bots. All members of our support team have long-standing, permanent employment contracts. As a result, they offer comprehensive expertise from years of experience. Therefore, our team is trained to answer questions in an accessible way so that even computer novices can understand.

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