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Hp Probook Support Number is a brand of business notebooks make Hewlett-Pack. HP market the ProBook series to business users; the list price was lower than that of HP’s higher-end EliteBook seriesIn April 2009.It  Hp Probook introduce.The ProBook B-series was announc on October 13, 2009

The  s-series (standard/essential) notebooks, which consisted of the Intel powered 4410s, 4510s, and 4710s (14″, 15.6″, and 17.3″ screens, respectively)And the AMD powered 4415s and 4515s (14″ and 15.6″ screens, respectively). This was follow.By the introduction of the 13.3″ ProBook 4310s in June of the same year.The s-series was updated in 2010 with Intel Core i3, i5.And i7 processors, a brushed aluminum case.Two AMD powered models were announced—the 14″ ProBook 6445b and the 15.6″ Probook 6545b. Their Intel powered counterparts were announced three months later as the 14″ ProBook 6440b and the 15.6″ Probook 6540b.

Chiclet keyboard, and multi-touch ClickPad.Updates to the line in 2012 included a new exterior aluminum design.The B-series update in 2011 with the Intel-power 6460b and 6560b, and the AMD-power 6465b and in 2012 with the Intel-powered 6470b and 6570b, and the AMD-power 6475b, and the Intel-power.

hp probook support number


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