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Mozilla Firefox. It is a branded as Firefox Quantum or simply known as Firefox. Mozilla Browser is a free and open source web browser which is made from the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary. It works on many operating systems, such as macOS, Windows, Android, Linux. Firefox Browser Support number was done to make Browser safe and simple to use.

Since, firefox created in 2002, under the name “Phoenix” by the Mozilla community. Mozilla members who wanted a standalone browser rather than a bundle of different Mozilla applications.

It has been released in November 2004. It was highly successful with 60 million downloads within nine months. By marking the first time that Internet Explorer’s popularity was being challenged.


Advantages of Firefox Browser Support number

  • The first advantage is you can download and save the installer anytime.
  • Firefox to be an easier and definitely more reliable way to search and save web pages. It can save both online and offline.
  • Subsequently, Firefox comes with a few Key Features.  As mentioned on our web page, The first feature is Tabbed Browsing. It means allows you to view multiple pages in one browser. A feature that IE does not have unless installed with a toolbar. It has Google toolbar, Pop-up Blocking, Higher Security standards.

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  • In summary, Advantage to Firefox Browser Support number is the Firefox Safe Mode feature. This feature you can decide whether or not to disable add-ons.  And reset toolbars, controls, reset bookmarks to Firefox defaults, reset user preferences to Firefox defaults and restore search engines.
  • Similarly, Mozilla Firefox has some advanced security measures. It guards against the spyware and viruses. It includes a powerful pop-up blocker and strong authentication protocols.
  • Accordingly, Mozilla Firefox security can be greatly enhanced with extensions. Extensions are  NoScript and FlashBlock that enables you to selectively execute advanced code on the websites. It is Plug-in compatible meaning the browser is given the ability to add certain features.
  • Firefox is one of the most easily customized browsers with Firefox Browser support Number for browser extensions.

Disadvantages Firefox Browser

  • It runs multiple instances of Plug-in Apps heavily slows down web page downloading
  • It initial slow boot time
  • Toolbar customization can also easily get out of hand and over-clutter browser space
  • Usually, High CPU memory usage
  • Particularly, Some Compatibility issues

Features of Firefox Browser

  1. As a result, Private Browsing
  2. Third-Party Cookies Blocked
  3. Thereby, Plugin Click to play buttons
  4. Warnings on Plugin
  5. Faster JavaScript Processing
  6. Downloader Manager Toolbar
  7. In addition to, Built-In Viewer
  8. Hence, Retina Display Support
  9. Particularly, Firefox Android UI Improvements
  10. Compatible to all OS versions

Errors of Firefox Browser Number

  • Restart your computer on Browser
  • Restart Firefox in Safe Mode
  • Clear your cookies and cache in the browser
  •  Refresh Browser Firefox
  • Reinstall Browser Firefox
  • Creating a Firefox profile
  • Check for malware
  • Troubleshooting the plugin like flash
firefox browser support number

Phone Number for Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser  Number US-CANADA

There is no tech support phone number for Firefox. However, this site is your best resource for free help. Of course, you can find support companies eager to help you for a fee.

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For help with any of Browser products including Firefox. It can be for desktop, Android and iOS. If you can not find your specific problem that just doesn’t seem to have a solution there, just give us a call to our Browser contact support.

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Above all, You can contact our support team for Firefox Browser issues. Consequently, if you can not unable to access your account.

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Finally, If you want to call Firefox Browser phone support to reach our customer service, here is their number:1888 4455 935.