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FastMail Support Number is an employee-owned, independent company located in Melbourne, Australia. Over a hundred thousand individuals, families and businesses choose FastMail for their email, calendars and contacts. Hence, they trust our 15 years of experience to deliver the security, privacy and reliability they demand.

The company was acquired by Opera Software in 2010. On 26 September 2013, FastMail announced that it had split from Opera and became a privately held independent company. Because of its main servers are located in New York City and Amsterdam; a previous backup location in Iceland is being replaced by the server location in Amsterdam.

Features of FastMail

Access messages

FastMail provides a number of ways to access your email. Whether you’re at home, the office, or an internet cafe, FastMail allows you to view, send, and reply to messages. Similarly,  upload and publish files to your own domain.

Receive messages

FastMail can provide a number of aliases for you to receive email, and domains to make your correspondence more professional and memorable. Therefore, Powerful filters can help keep out unwanted mail and organize your messages with ease.

Filter spam

We’ve spent a great deal of time making sure our spam filtering is world-class. Hence, working from industry standards and utilizing protective measure for small, large, internal and external spamming techniques, FastMail provides the best spam filtering available on the web.

Block viruses

Nigerian princes, long-lost relatives, and all sorts of other trojan horses are no match for FastMail’s advanced virus filters. Therefore, FastMail constantly finds and keeps up-to-date with the latest threats on the web, giving you the confidence to open mail without worrying about malware of fraudulent material.

Manage your contacts

FastMail organizes your contacts, and can recall them with only a few clues from you. As a result, the service supports a number of importing options to allow you to upload contact information from your home and work devices. Or you can keep your contacts in sync with your phone, tablet, and desktop using CardDAV.

Check your mail from any browser

You can easily access your email from any computer or phone that has an internet connection. Hence, our webmail interface is designed for speed and usability on all devices of any screen size.

Problems in FastMail



    • Connection issues
    • Password errors on mobile devices
    • Can’t log in on Android after updating
    • Certificate error
    • Mail doesn’t sync to my device

Sending and receiving

    • Problems sending mail
    • Problems deleting mail
    • Messages are disappearing from my Trash under iOS
    • Why are my folder names different in the web interface?


    • My folders are in the wrong spot
    • Accessing folders via POP
    • Adding other accounts to send with on iOS
    • Manual configuration on iOS
    • Can’t remove FastMail account from iOSor Mac OS X

Support Number for FastMail

The phone number for FastMail tech support USA-CANADA

You can call at FastMail Customer Support Number, which is accessible round the clock, and handles by the proficient customer support to offers the customers to the best service to their issues.

Fastmail tech support number NEW ZEALAND/EUROPE

We ensure that you will grab the best possible solutions and reliable support to your FastMail account mishaps by our expert’s help. Hence, we are available 24×7 to give you an online help. And hence, quick fixation to your issues.

Support Number for FastMail UK/AUSTRALIA

Get in touch with our third party FastMail Number, which is reachable 24×7/365 days. Our technicians are always available anytime to solve your email issues with the highest quality of service.

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